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2014 Board members:

Cheryl Patterson   (shelter manager) Email address is cpatters6@yahoo.com
Barb Tarvin  (current PWP president)
Cathy Bridges
Lynette Belcher
Donna Leigh

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Tina Brucker
Gail Hartley
Kathy Gregory
Amy Newton

Pets Without Parents was formed in November 2004 and became incorporated as a 501C3 non-profit within the following year.  It was and still is our mission to provide humane and ethical treatment of all animals which enter our facility, whether stray, homeless, abused or unwanted and to find adoptive and foster homes for these animals where they will be cared for properly. In short, we make happy tails (tales)!  Unfortunately, not all the animals that come to us can be saved through adoption.  A few are too sick or injured, others were abused and mistrustful of humans and some are even aggressive to the point they cannot be helped. 

 PWP took over the day to day operations at county shelter in 2007.   Managed by Cheryl Patterson, we have saved hundreds upon hundreds of nice pets that would have otherwise been disposed of.  In addition to the shelter, which is very small, we have many foster homes where the animals are kept and cared for until they get a new home.  Dr Karren Crownhart, DVM provides the veterinary care for our shelter animals. 

 We are always in need of foster homes and welcome those who are interested in becoming a foster home to please contact us.  Foster homes provide a better environment than shelter life. The animal can be part of a family and learn to interact with other pets.

Our main source of income is from donations, fundraising, memorials and funding provided by Mason County. We are made up of many volunteers, a Board of Directors and a shelter manager. 

Volunteers come to the shelter to help walk dogs, clean cat cages, and do whatever jobs need to be done.

 Shelter pets make great additions to your family.  Many come already potty trained and with manners.  They will give you lots of love because they are grateful to have a second chance at life.  When you adopt from a shelter, that pet is already altered and up-to-date on vaccinations and micro chipped. 

 Having a pet is not for everyone, but you still help out by donating to your local shelter.  We are always in need of bleach, paper towels, old bath towels, cat litter, dog and cat food, Dawn dish soap, garbage bags, leashes and collars, cages, dog beds, office supplies, Walmart gift cards and money, to mention a few items.  Attending our fundraisers also helps the animals. 

Getting this organization started was no easy feat.  It takes a lot of hard work and dedication by volunteers to keep going.  We have struggled with money issues and issues with people throughout the years, but we’re proud to say we have weathered the storms.  PWP provides a great service to our community by finding homes for those animals that need a second chance at life.   

Happy Tails from Pets Without Parents!  The animals thank you for your support